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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Determines Kia Soul Soulless

posted Jun 12, 2014, 7:47 PM by Jeff Grable
Kia Soul
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has today determined that the Kia Soul is in fact "devoid of any evidence of the immaterial, immortal part of a person or thing that defines its essence".  The New York Times claims to have come into possession emails detailing that top level engineers at Kia knew, as early as 2009 that this car was "soulless, and well... ridiculous."  Kia could not be reached for comment, however a regional dealer suggested owners could pop Barry White into the CD player to mitigate the issue.

I can however be reached for comment - at Russell Roy's Cheap Laughs - Monday June 16th, 2014. 930pm - no cover, I'd love to see you come out - it's a great show!