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Blackberry Releases New Chatter Smartphone

posted Dec 17, 2014, 7:45 AM by Jeff Grable
Blackberry Chatter

TORONTO - In an exciting new joint venture with Fisher-Price, Blackberry today announced the surprise release of the new Blackberry Chatter - a smartphone designed to appeal to the public's nostalgia for great phones from their past.  The Blackberry Chatter is in some ways, a throwback to the heyday of the telephones of yesteryear, but Blackberry insists users will give up nothing in return for the comfort of home.

Press release follows.

The smartphone you trust, with the nostalgia you love.

It takes more than fast thumbs and a stone cold focus to stay on top of your inbox and the day’s priorities. BlackBerry® Chatter is the ultimate communications tool.

  • 0-9 Rotary dial hearkens to a time when numbers with a zero just took longer, and that was how we liked it
  • Handy towing cord
  • Eyes that watch you as you dial
  • Unlimited calling
  • Direct line to Santa
  • Friendly face
  • Chew-friendly handset, suitable for teething
We heard you, and we built it.